A New Musical Journey with Vintage Gold

Vintage Gold is a Buffalo-based rock fusion and funk band. Spearheaded by musician Ryan Alonge, the band provides an eclectic combination of visual art and music.

"With diverse shades of sound, our creative conquest is accompanied by visual and literary elements designed to clear a path for new artistic adventures and revelations." - Ryan Alonge

Vintage Gold’s newest body of work, The American Dream and The Aquarian Dream, is a double album of 20 tracks set to release throughout the rest of 2020. This musical journey will contain multiple artistic mediums that help illuminate the conceptual ideas and cultural connections included in this double album creation. Check out a sample on the band's YouTube channel.

Vintage Gold has also created two self-published books of epic poetry. These creative writings help provide a clearer understanding of the emotionally charged sounds and lyrics contained throughout the songs on the albums.

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