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Saranaide's "Loiza" Music Video Premiere

Saranaide is dropping her brand new music video -- "Loiza" -- on Sunday, April 18th at 8:00pm.

Saranaide is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based out of Buffalo, NY. With parents from Panama and Puerto Rico, Saranaide has dipped into her DNA to embrace and celebrate the pulses and sounds of Latin America.

"Loiza" is a track off of Saranaide's most recent release, Beyond. The video was done by Joe Mattimore (videographer), with special thanks also to Beatriz Flores, Lucy Bonillas, Jenniffer, Muñoz Gonzalez, Yahaira Zapata, Robin Hibbert, María Pérez-Gómez, Kathleen Englehardt, and Put A Plant On It.

Sara will be going live on her Facebook page at 7:30pm before the video premiere with a special guest. Don't miss this special event!

The video premieres at 8:00pm on Sunday, April 18th.

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