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Shoot Ya's New Song on Gettin' Weird at The Pink

Shoot Ya released a new single this #NewMusicFriday that will make you longingly miss your favorite Buffalo dive bars.

Shoot Ya, self described as "Trash Country," is a local band and Lavender Haze Collective official artist from Buffalo NY lead by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cody Barcroft. Combining classic country tropes with alternative lyrical influences such as David Berman and Daniel Johnston, Shoot Ya strives to give an authentic look into the life and times of a small town guy's journey through addiction, emotion, and recovery.

"The Pink" has a classic country vibe with some tasty guitar playing from Sean McNamara. The track also features Patrick Jackson on bass and Jamie Sunshine on drums. Cody's funny, yet honest, lyrics and warm vocals are bound to make you crack a smile.

The song's namesake is The Old Pink in Allentown, but mentions Essex, Goodbar, and Nietzsche's too. If you're a Buffalo native, the last line of the chorus rings true: "Nothin' good ever happens at the Pink"

"The Pink" is available now on BandCamp and will hit all streaming platforms soon! The track is a part of a larger studio album -- entitled Get Loaded -- coming soon from Shoot Ya.

Be sure to check out & support Shoot Ya on Facebook and Instagram!

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