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ALBUM REVIEW: Skyfoot's "Astronomy Man"

Skyfoot is a band that I am listening to, right now, for the very first time, and I've got to say - I'm impressed.

The self-subscribed powerful jam-rock quartet from Boston, MA released their newest album, Astronomy Man, on November 2nd, 2020.

This album has me on board instantly with vocal harmonies that rival The Wood Brothers on its opening track, "What'cha Gonna Do." This album's got a definite rootsy flavor, with cool organ lines and creative drumming. I particularly enjoyed the tasty slide guitar riffs on "Follow Me Down," a tune that feels equal parts Tom Petty and Grateful Dead.

The band displays their string band chops on "Take Time," which feels like it could've been on Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats. Well, at least the bookends. The middle of the tune feels more like Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi era, which lucky for them, I'm super into also.

It's clear that these guys can play. They keep their seemingly simple tunes interesting with spontaneous time changes, syncopated rhythms, and a super deep pocket, courtesy of James Taylor (bass) and Aaron Morey (drums). I know someone in this band is a jazz musician.

The improvisation is on point too - from ethereal and spacey to face-melting. The jam in "Everybody Have a Good Time Tonight" is especially tasty - a fact I predicted the second the song started (and I glanced at the time stamp). I particularly enjoyed Eric McEwen's clav playing on this one, and the Meters-esque vibe.

Guitarist Tyler Arnott's improvisational skills are on full display on the record's title track, "Astronomy Man." I also really dug the composed section in the middle of the tune. The segue between that and Arnott's triumphant and dreamy guitar solo was just - *chef's kiss.*

What I've enjoyed most about this album is the band's versatility, bending between musical genres seamlessly. Funk, ragtime, southern soul, bluegrass, fusion, NOLA second-line (I could go on) - this album's got a little something for everyone. Skyfoot's music has strong melodies and creative composition with plenty of space for jams.

Astronomy Man is available now on all streaming platforms Check this record out and be sure to support this band if you like what you hear!


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